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Kangen Water

Demonstration and Health Seminar

(In Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada)


This Lecture Will Change Your LIFE!


What is Kangen Water?


This could very well be the most important question a person can ask (and find the answer to) aside from the all important "Who Am I?".


By understanding the answer to "What is Kangen Water?" you will have the keys to achieve and or maintain good health.


You will have the ability to slow down the aging process.


To create an environment inside your body that invites health and wellness and is uninviting to disease. It simply cannot survive in the environment that Kangen Water can produce in you.


Before I go any further I want you to know that we are giving it away!


That's right you do not have to purchase anything to receive the benefits of drinking this amazing health drink that does not even come close to resembling what we normally call water.


I will write more here as I get time but for now I would advise getting to a Demonstration so you can see for your self the benefits of the 5 different waters that are produced by the Kangen Water re-structuring device.


There is no short answer to this question but you can also visit our website which has several documents and videos to look though.




Or you can call us for more information. It is one of our favorite subjects to talk about. And the reason for this excitement is the results that we hear about from the dozens of people who are getting the water for free at our centre. Again nothing to buy unless you really want to.


Have a Great Day!!!



When: Every Tuesday from 7pm-8:30pm

Where: The Oneness Centre, 100 Botsford Street in Moncton.

Cost: Free

Contact #: 506-388-4100

What to Bring: A large water jug to take some home with you and a sample of your best water if you would like to have it tested for: pH, chlorine, anti-oxidants.








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