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Ascension Meditation in Moncton

(as taught by the Ishayas)

(In Moncton, New Brunswick, NS, PE, Canada)



Taught all over the world, this course offers a series of high vibrational techniques that help you still the mind and begin retraining yourself to think the thoughts that you want to think rather than what you have been programmed to think. Using Ascension with the eyes closed helps you obtain a state of peace and rest that is up to twice as deep as sleep allowing you to heal on a very deep level. Ascension can also be used with the eyes open to help enliven your awareness of the present moment. Based in Appreciation, Gratitude and Love this ancient teaching is life transforming.


Shivaraj has been studying and teaching Ascension Meditation since 1996 and in Moncton, NB since 2002. He is dedicated to helping others experience the benefits of a regular practice of Meditation through weekend courses and weekly gatherings.


There are so many wonderful benefits to meditation that their have been several books written on the subject. Many leading health experts write that meditation is a must if you want to achieve optimal health and happiness in your life. Meditation is the only natural way to awaken the part of your brain that releases feel good chemicals into the body otherwise known as "bliss"


If you are in Moncton or any other town in the Maritimes and want to learn Ascension Meditation please give us a call. We also travel to other parts of the world upon request.


 For more information on Ascension Meditation visit: www.ishaya.ca



"Next Course is February 19-21, 2010"


Contact 506-854-6991


For more information and course dates visit:  www.Ishaya.ca





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